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We provide a full range of Web Design Service in Malaysia.

We are the web design company located in Malaysia. We provide website design, online store development, SEO, SEM, domain names and web hosting service.

Our services include


  • digital and online brand strategy
  • analysis, analytics and user research
  • business analysis and requirements documentation
  • user experience (UX)
  • web design
  • web development
  • content development
  • website optimization
  • digital marketing and traffic services
  • project management


  • websites
  • eCommerce
  • mobile applications
  • online software / system
  • domain and hosting

Search Engine MarketingSEM

The majority of customers use search engines to find information on a product before finally making a purchase. This only means that if you want to be found, you need to rank well for your target keywords.

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

Highly Targeted

Your ads can be targeted with geographical and time settings so as to reach your preferred target audience. We place your ads in front of your target customers with content that is highly relevant to them.

Brand Awareness

Since top position rankings result in significant impressions, having your website in top positions on the results page translates to more exposure for your website. SEM is ideal for generating qualified traffic that can also increase brand awareness.

Tailored To Your Needs

Ad copies describing your business can be customized accordingly, controlling what the searcher sees when they view your ads. We consider your existing SEM strategy, budget and goals when creating the most suitable campaign.

Increase Web Traffic

With analytics and reporting tools, you’ll know exactly where your traffic is coming from. We will monitor your progress through success tracking and campaign analysis.

Drive Qualified Leads

With the right SEM campaign, you’ll have chance to convert prospects into qualified leads.  You’ll find out that it is easy to stand out from your competitors with highly targeted advertising campaigns that are tailored to your business needs. We customize your appearance in search results to make it easy for people to find you.

Measure Success

Whatever your goal is, we are here to make that happen. As online marketing allows for campaign analysis and success tracking, we can continually optimize your strategy. An SEM campaign is highly configurable and changes can be done easily to suit your website and the behavior of your audience.

Search Engine OptimizationSEO

About 80 to 90 per cent of customers check online reviews before making a purchase, and this number shows no sign of slowing down. This makes search engine optimization a valuable tool in getting your business found.

It is a cost-effective tool compared to the expenses associated with other traditional marketing tactics.

The Power of SEO

SEO develops your website so that search engines can crawl and index your web pages to determine your page ranking. It increases your website visibility to build brand awareness and increase conversion rate. It provides a fairly good return on investment, and remains the foundation of your online presence.

SEO, however, is a complex process, which includes many factors including copywriting, design and HTML coding to ultimately earn traffic via free listings. This makes it important to hire an SEO Singapore company that knows the industry by heart. PurpleClick Media is the name you can trust for quality SEO services in Singapore. We do SEO differently by evaluating your current SEO status to customize a unique strategy.

Modern SEO Strategies

Search engines today are becoming intuitive, so it is important to step in your consumers’ shoes and find out what they really want. PurpleClick Media employs SEO professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to help you do that. We employ modern SEO strategies to increase brand awareness and generate better conversion rates. We will ensure that your website has useful, relevant and quality content.

Always bear in mind to create content that appeals to your customers and make it easy for them to find it! Do this and you will start seeing traffic to your website.

Web Hosting

We are too, providing hosting service, to host your website and make it accessible world wide. We are offers an easiest ways to create and publish a full featured, great looking website.

Built to be better

When we designed the server to be one of the most reliable and secured hosting platforms, we knew it had to be powerful. Multiple servers handle every site, so the server has redundancy built in. That means you’ll never have to fight for the resources of a single server.

New, improved, and faster than ever

Faster loading websites. The latest server technologies, like PHP 5.5 and FastCGI, make your website pages load up faster. A better backup plan. Our highly trained server engineers can now take care of the backups and recovery for you, so you know your data is secure.

24/7, onsite support

We pride ourselves on being the most accessible web hosting company in Malaysia. Your hosting service comes with award-winning support by remote assistant, onsite support, online chat, Whatsapp, Wechat, email, and phone. Real, live engineers are in our Johor Bahru office around the clock, waiting to solve your problems.

One-click app installs

Quickly and easily deploy applications like WordPress, Drupal, and ZenCart—just by pointing and clicking. Blogging, selling stuff, and managing your site content has never been easier.

Easy-to-use Control Panel

Powered by cPanel. Manage email users. Easily add and manage email addresses across all your domains. Instantly install apps. Install WordPress, Drupal, Zencart and more, with the click of a mouse. Manage databases. Quickly add, reboot, repair, and manage MySQL database permissions. Add domains. Add new domain names to your account the moment inspiration strikes.

Business-class email with spam protection

Your email hosting plan supports up to 1,000 separate email addresses across all your domains. Powerful spam protection by SpamExpert. Access your messages, contacts, and calendars anywhere through a clean, simple browser interface. Or use your favourite desktop programs or mobile devices, thanks to full IMAP support.


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