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A plan for everyone and every business

Best value plans with unlimited calls to all networks to bring you unlimited opportunities
to expand your business connections.

GO Digi 78
RM78 /month

40GB                  All Day Internet

Unlimited           Calls
1500                    SMS

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+RM10 / month Go Roam Basic
5GB + 60Mins Calls to 8 Countries
10GB + Unlimited* Calls & SMS in Thailand

+RM30 / month Go IDD
150 mins to 5 countries (Asia/World)

*Subject to Fair Usage Policy
*Internet Quota 20GB All Day, 20GB Workday (Mon – Fri, 9am – 6pm)
*Calls Unlimited to all Domestic Networks
*Subsequent Charges 10sen / SMS (All Networks)
*Quota Top Up RM20 / month for 10GB.

GO Digi 98
RM98 / month

60GB                   All Day Internet

Unlimited           Calls
1500                    SMS

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+RM10 / month Go Roam Advance
8GB + 90Mins Calls to 16 Countries
20GB + Unlimited* Calls & SMS in Thailand

+RM30 / month Go IDD
300 mins to 5 countries (Asia/World)

*Subject to Fair Usage Policy
*Internet Quota 30GB All Day, 30GB Workday (Mon – Fri, 9am – 6pm)
*Calls Unlimited to all Domestic Networks
*Subsequent Charges 10sen / SMS (All Networks)
*Quota Top Up RM20 / month for 10GB.

GO Digi 128
RM128 / month
FREE 500 Mins Calls to Singapore

80GB                All Day Internet

Unlimited        Calls
3000                 SMS

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Free Go Roam Advance
8GB + 90Mins Calls to 16 Countries
30GB + Unlimited* Calls & SMS in Thailand

Free Go IDD
300 mins to 5 countries (Asia/World)

*Subject to Fair Usage Policy
*Internet Quota 40GB All Day, 40GB Workday (Mon – Fri, 9am – 6pm)
*Calls Unlimited to all Domestic Networks
*Subsequent Charges 10sen / SMS (All Networks)
Quota Top Up RM20 / month for 10GB.

GO Digi 168
RM168 / month
FREE 500 Mins Calls to Singapore

Unlimited*       Internet

Unlimited         Calls
3000                SMS

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Free Go Roam Advance
8GB + 90Mins Calls to 16 Countries
40GB + Unlimited** Calls & SMS in Thailand
Upgrade to Go Roam Premium at +RM10 / month to enjoy 6 more roaming countries

Free Go IDD
300 mins to 5 countries (Asia/World)

**Subject to Fair Usage Policy
*Internet Quota 60GB All Day, Unlimited Workday (Mon – Fri, 9am – 6pm)
*Calls Unlimited to all Domestic Networks
*Subsequent Charges 15sen Video Calls 10sen SMS 20sen MMS
*Quota Top Up RM20 / month for 10GB.

increase sales_ systematic your business_ be professinal_
AVANA is a user-friendly platform that helps eCommerce stores to increase sales and revenue by integrating social media to online stores. We understand that social media is the “New-Internet”. And that means consumers are actively engaging with social media more than ever. That’s why AVANA has many best-in-class automation tools to turn your social media into a profitable market.
“With over 50,000 eCommerce stores powered by AVANA…”

Omni™ – Virtual Phone System

The office phone solution you always needed, Omni is an all-in-one virtual business telephone system with a fixed-line prefix, in your smartphone.

  Why choose Omni™?

Turn your smartphone into a virtual PABX phone system.

no investment
No Investment on

Use the ones you already have! You only need to download the mobile app to start using the Omni™ Virtual Phone System.

Powerful Solution,
Lower Cost

With our affordable plans, you avoid having to pay thousands of Ringgits.

Scalable to Your
Company’s Needs

Be it a small startup or a large company, Omni has a plan that grows with your company and caters to all your business needs.

Work Anywhere
You Want

A virtual receptionist answers your phone calls and directs them to the right people, no matter where they are located.

Your Personal Business
Call Centre

Omni manages all your calls from the moment a customer calls to the moment you close the deal.

No Long-Term

No commitments required, cancel your subscription anytime! But we do believe that once you try out Omni you’ll never want to stop using it!


Pick all your office phone calls using the Omni™ mobile application, the one app with all the features of a professional business phone system.


A smartphone as an
office telephone

Forget about traditional telephones, all you need to do is download the Omni mobile app and use your smartphone to answer office calls.


A local office number

Keep it professional by displaying a Malaysian office number while making calls and SMS to customers.


A virtual receptionist to
pick up calls

Your caller will be greeted with a pre-recorded message and be routed to your team member’s extension line.


Your voicemail in writing

Missed a call? Omni will automatically transcribe it and send it as a text for you to read and respond on the go.

The 2-Minute HR Solution

All-in-one digital HR solution that allows you to apply leaves, claim expenses, access employee data and more within 2 minutes!


iFleet – Intelligent GPS Tracking & Fleet Management System

iFleet helps ensure that each of your vehicles runs optimally by identifying cost-saving solutions and thereby improving productivity.

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Empower Your Fleet

Locate Instantly

Locate your trucks instantly in just a few clicks using your phone or computer and plan your routes better.

sftey first
Safety First

Make every trip safe with alerts on driving behaviours. With the ICOP compliance, we help you meet the core requirements for license renewals.

Optimise Cost

iFleet helps you ensure that every vehicle runs optimally by identifying cost-saving solutions from the measured fleet data.

How It Works

Sign Up & Install

Experts will be dispatched to your premise to support, install and configure our iFleet solutions in your IT system and your fleet.

Track & Monitor

Get a total overview of your fleet, track your vehicles in real-time through the web, a tablet or your smartphone.

View Reports & Insights

On iFleet’s dashboard, you can view and generate multiple reports with comprehensive data insights and actionable options needed to increase your fleet’s efficiency.

                                                    iFleet vs Other Solutions

iFleet allows you to choose solutions best fit for your business. With this intelligent fleet management system, take full control of your fleet’s productivity, efficiency, and visibility.


Low Cash Outlay

Start tracking with iFleet at an affordable monthly fee inclusive of support and maintenance. No hidden charges, more peace of mind.


Accident Reconstruction Report

With accurate geo-mapping using up to 19 satellites, iFleet helps to reconstruct accidents and provide you with a full report.


Best-in-Class Connectivity

With iFleet, reliable data connectivity will be a part of your subscription. Also for a small fee, your fleet can roam worry-free in Singapore, Brunei, Thailand & Indonesia.


Warranty and Support

iFleet warranty covers all damages and provides a one-to-one replacement, nationwide at no cost, all through the subscription period.

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Manage your business from the cloud, track your employee performance and your sales from single or multiple outlets through our cloud-based POS system.

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Mobile Friendly

KryptoPOS hub is mobile responsive and accessible on any device browser including smartphones, iPads, Android, surface tabs, laptops and desktops.

Staff Management

3 levels of staff access enabled: Supervisor, Cashier & Staff. Staff level restricts access to the POS and is available only for employee attendance and sales tracking.

Downloadable Reports

A wide range of reports available to be viewed on your web browser and can be exported into either .csv or .pdf file formats.

Cloud Secured

No unnecessary server setup costs as KryptoPOS securely transmits and stores all your data to the cloud, powered by AWS infrastructure.


KryptoPOS is a B2B retail data and technology platform that provides Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) businesses with a powerful cloud Point of Sale(POS) and ordering platform.

young business women

Track your sales anytime, anywhere with the KryptoPOS hub, the responsive web-based back office accessible via any web browser.

Set up multiple outlets and link to the master account to easily track, manage sales and products across various outlets.

Seamlessly integrate with various cashless and e-wallet solutions that offer customers multiple payment options.

Connect your Bluetooth-enabled card processing devices such as Maybank or Managepay mPOS directly to KrypoPOS.

With KryptoPOS there are no more limitations on the number of items (SKUs) that can be added into the system.

Handle table and order management, group tables into individual areas to improve the operational efficiency of staff.

Create role-based access for every employee with specific access rights assigned to them (Administrator, Manager or Supervisor, Cashier or Regular Employee).

Works with or without Internet connectivity. Sales data from offline transactions automatically sync up to the cloud and KryptoPOS hub once a connection is restored.

Leased Lines

Enjoy stable and symmetrical upload, download speeds on a secure private line. We bring you reliable connectivity scaled to your business needs and meets the increasing demands in a competitive environment.

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Our Solutions

From improving operational efficiency through M2M trackers on mobile assets, using sensors for collecting and transmitting real-time data to a Central Management System (CMS) without human intervention, to providing secure connectivity and LTE coverage, Digi’s IoT solutions help you take swift action that improves your market efficiency, cut costs, reduces waste and environmental damage.

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Secure Your Business Connectivity

The enterprise grade DNS-layer security system that only seeks to provide your business connections with the utmost level of protection. Say goodbye to spy malwares, ransomwares, and phishing.

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Types of Internet Security Threats

As businesses go online, cybercrime has become more rampant by the day. Here are the 3 top threats that everyone should know about.


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